If you are unfamiliar with the Tucson streetcar project, it was part of a regional transportation plan approved by voters in 2006.  It was scheduled to be completed around late 2013, but was not completed until July 2014.  Part of the delay was due to the streetcar manufacturer, which as of March 2015, still owes the City of Tucson contractual damages for not delivering on time.  In the end, It cost $198 million to complete, and takes in $1.2 million in revenue while costing $4.2 million to operate, based on March 2015 data.  Therefore, it was refreshing to see this article in the Arizona Daily Star that did not talk very favorable of the Tucson Streetcar and uncovered some of the issues with the streetcar.

Of course, with all publicly funded projects, justification is given about the positive impacts the project will provide for businesses.  However, this just amounts to welfare for businesses at the expense of the taxpayer.  Now, setting aside the issue with government run transportation, I liked how the article mentioned that adding more bus routes could have accomplished the same goal, but better.



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