Airbnb: A Threat to Arizona Hospitality?

Airbnb: A Threat to Arizona Hospitality?

Fear mongering, targeting Airbnb, is coming to Arizona.  The Tucson Sentinel has come out with an article titled, “Experts fret Airbnb may hurt Arizona’a Hospitality Industry”. The article analyzes the potential impact of Airbnb on Arizona’s lodging industry and includes quotes from proponents of Airbnb and those that are against Airbnb.  As far as proponents of Airbnb, they are consumers looking for a place to stay and property owners with extra rooms or houses to rent.  Outspoken critics...Read more

Tucson Streetcar Boondoggle

If you are unfamiliar with the Tucson streetcar project, it was part of a regional transportation plan approved by voters in 2006.  It was scheduled to be completed around late 2013, but was not completed until July 2014.  Part of the delay was due to the streetcar manufacturer, which as of March 2015, still owes the City of Tucson contractual damages for not delivering on time.  In the end, It cost $198 million to complete,...Read more

Facebook’s Under Fire

I came across this article and this article about Facebook’s program coming under scrutiny in India and being suspended in Egypt.  The articles report that Facebook is offering a product called the “Free Basic Plan”, which is a plan that allows users of mobile devices to access certain websites, including Facebook, for free through a mobile application.  However, this plan is not without it’s critics as the articles above talk about.  Most of the criticism I read...Read more